This section contains the Rules of the Club, the Code of Conduct for the Club and our Policy on Photography and photographing swimmers.

The various policies are summarised below but may be read or downloaded in full by using the appropriate links.

Health and Safety Policy
  • The Club's basic obligations
  • Poolside alarms
  • Fire/Emergency drills
  • Written operating procedures
  • Activities covered by the policy
  • Accident reporting.

Normal Operating Procedures (NOP) and Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

This document was created by Reading Leisure and covers all pools at Reading Central Pool
  • Bather loads
  • Poolside supervision
  • Hazards
  • Lifeguard qualifications
  • Pool Rules
  • Maintenance
  • Pool alarms and how to activate
  • Rescues
  • Staff duties
  • Club use.

Wavepower 2009/11 - ASA Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures

Wavepower 2009/11 is a set of policies and procedures that provides ASA Child Safeguarding Policy, mandatory requirements, practical information and good practice guidance in one place for use by Club officers, Club members, parents, children and all those who work with our young members so that everyone involved in our sport can play their part in safeguarding children and young people.

This six-part document replaces all previous ASA Child Protection Policies and Procedures documents but does not replace our own policy.

The Role of the Child Protection Officer
  • The Child Protection Officer expectations
  • The Child Protection Officer procedures.

Child/Vulnerable Adult Welfare Policy
  • Policy aims
  • The policy.

Guidelines for the Use of Photographic/Filming Equipment
  • At competitions
  • During training
  • Publication of photos.

Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures
  • Procedural outline
  • How to appeal.

Equity Policy
  • Benefits of equity in swimming
  • Equal opportunities in swimming
  • Addressing equal opportunities
  • Lines of responsibility
  • The ASA/British Swimming as an organisation
  • Officials and administrators.
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